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We're dedicated to expanding the academic and professional knowledge of computing across campus. We are also dedicated to helping our students and faculty to cooperate and grow together. We are proud to be evangelists of our craft, and hope to enable some incredible technologists.

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We welcome people of all majors and creeds to join our meetings and events. We contend to connect students not only with a vast network of companies, but also to the ever-growing community of their peers. We can achieve anything through camraderie, dilligence and creativity.

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We think that innovation is the key driver of technology. We try to emphasize the value of brainstorming at meetings and have a great culture around communal support for ideas within the group. While what we have already is great, life without iteration and progress is just boring.

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Open Source

We support the open source movement and the technology thereof. We think that socializing the software development process is a beautiful. We use Github to collaborate on new projects as an organization. Knowing & changing how your software behaves is almost as important as building it.

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ACM-Women is a sub-group of ACM, dedicated to strengthening the unity among female students in Temple University's CIS community. This semester, our primary theme is "Betterment". We have workshops intended for members' personal, academic and professional developments. We will also host community service events, open to all of Temple's CIS community, in order to better the Philadelphia region that we live in. If you would like to grow, meet new people and have fun, come join us!

Our meetings are typically on Mondays from 5 - 6 PM in SERC 358 (3rd Floor Student Lounge).

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Science Education & Research Center
1925 N 12th Street, Room 364, Philadelphia, PA 19122